Gubernatorial Recall Election
CFT says NO, NO, No to the recall!


This Recall Election attempt is another cynical ploy by the right-wing to attack California values, and this time, to capitalize on the pandemic crisis. The CFT says “NO” to the anti-union recall.

How do I submit a mail-in ballot?

  • You can return your voted mail ballot one of three ways: 1) by mail, 2) to a secured drop-off location, or 3) to any polling place on Election Day. 
  • If you are mailing your ballot, it must be postmarked on or before Election Day, September 14. Sign your ballot envelope. No postage is necessary.
  • You may drop off your ballot at any drop-off location or polling place by 8 pm on Election Day. Find the closest ballot drop-off location near you.

How do I vote at the polls?

Questions about the ballot?

More info about the Recall Election