#ScienceMarch Numerous local unions took a stand for reason, facts and scientific analysis in the Science March and Climate March held during the month of May, including groups from the Greater Santa Cruz Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 2030, and UC-AFT San Diego, AFT Local 2226.

LOCAL 6215
#Organizing Seventeen member organizers with the CFT Strategic Campaign Initiative helped recruit 100 new members into the Cerritos College Faculty Federation on April 24-27 as part of spring training drive.

Cerritos members volunteered more than 100 hours to accompany the organizers on class visits to have one-on-one conversations with faculty. More than 60 new members signed commitment cards to participate in union activities such as an upcoming workshop on unemployment benefits. 

“This drive shows how essential it is to talk to members face-to-face to get to know them and learn about their working conditions,” says Lyndsey LeFebvre, Local 6215 vice president of part-time faculty and bargaining team member.

Organizers also learned that human resources at Cerritos College informs new part-timers that union dues are more expensive than agency fees, and they were able to start dispelling the misinformation during the drive.

LOCAL 1881
#FairContract Petaluma teachers are fed up. The cost-of-living in this Sonoma County town has risen 17.5 percent since 2007, but the district offered teachers a 0 percent increase in pay.

“We have been working without a contract all year,” said Carrie Caudle, a member of the Petaluma Federation of Teachers. “We have waited and waited for the district to get their numbers together… and to treat us with respect. We are done waiting.”

In April, teachers participated in a “silent march” through district offices with nearly 175 people marching. No one said a word, but carried well-crafted message on signs. During the first week of May, teachers “worked to rule.”

At press time, the Petaluma teachers continue in their determined fight for a fair contract.

#UnionStrong: Top union builders
Several locals were honored for significantly growing their unions last year, largely by converting agency fee payers into full members. The Menifee Council of Classified Employees proudly boosted its membership through outstanding local organizing efforts and won awards in both categories.

LARGEST GROWTH IN MEMBERS: University Council-AFT organized 259 members into their statewide union (See page 20); State Center Federation of Teachers in the Fresno region added 195; and Menifee Classified added 151 new members.

LARGEST GROWTH IN PERCENTAGE: AFT Part-Time Faculty United in Victorville increased membership by 46 percent; Menifee Classified by 42 percent; and Part-Time Faculty United at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita by 35 percent.