What Does Racial Justice in Education Look Like?

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Cecily Myart-CruzPresident, United Teachers Los Angeles
Kyna CollinsRacial Justice Committee, United Teachers Los Angeles
Theresa MontañoChicana/Chicano Studies Professor, Cal State Northridge
Carmen CarrasquilloEnglish Professor, Miramar College, San Diego Community College District

Gain a better understanding of the effect that white supremacy has had on our education system. Additionally, attendees will gain a better understanding of the programs currently proposed (or already underway) to improve the education of our students as we explore a more equitable education system. 

The workshop will focus on how the following concerns will be impactful:

  • Underfunding of education (the impact on our students)
  • Diversifying faculty and staff at our institutions and the impact on students
  • Including ethnic studies in educational levels K-14
  • Presenting all subjects from an ethnically diverse curriculum
  • Closing the opportunity gap for students and the de-escalation of police on campuses
  • Restorative justice in education
  • Addressing intentional racism within the education system.


About Our Trainings

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