What is a Community School?

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Governor Newsom continues to increase funding to help expand existing community schools and establish new ones. The governor added another $1 billion in the state budget for the 2022-23 school year after allocating a whopping $3 billion last year. 

Please join us for this exciting opportunity to transform your school into a community school and to help our educational communities thrive and succeed.

This training gives preK-12 union leaders a brief overview and understanding of community schools as well as the capacity to assess your current school climate and determine if your school would be a good candidate to become a community school. Here’s what community schools have the power to do:

  • Provide a framework for school improvement that taps into our value system and belief that every child deserves a high-quality, equitable public education.
  • Help overcome the barriers to learning created by poverty and a lack of opportunities by utilizing and coordinating existing resources so that all children can become career, community, and college ready.
  • Embody solution-driven unionism and have the potential to mobilize members and build ties to the community while fighting back against those who wish to defund, destabilize and privatize public education.


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