Signature Gathering for Schools & Communities First


In this one-hour training, we will make sure everyone has a common understanding about the Schools and Communities First initiative we are now trying to qualify for the November 2020 ballot. We will answer questions about the initiative, discuss recommended messaging for our audiences, and review the rules and instructions for gathering signatures. One mistake can disqualify an entire petition! Make sure that you (and your colleagues) know all the rules and instructions so we can make every signature count. This training is strongly encouraged for everyone who gathers signatures, and for those who will be recruiting volunteers to assist.


About Our Webinars
This webinar will be presented through Zoom videoconferencing. You will receive email confirmation of your webinar registration directly from Zoom. It will contain the link to join the videoconference from your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device, as well as the phone number if you choose to call in. You will also receive a helpful email reminder from Zoom one hour before the webinar begins.