Bargaining Strategies and Layoff Preparations for 2020-21 – K-12 Certificated

Training Training Department

With the announcement of severe state budget shortfalls as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facing the imminent possibility of significant cuts across every sector of public education in California. We want to offer you the best possible guidance for contract negotiations through 2020-21, and help you become fully prepared for the discussions about layoffs that are already happening in some districts.

This training will provide specific and detailed information to prepare you for the immediate steps needed to protect members’ jobs and safeguard your contracts to the best of your ability. Our trainings are tailored for specific concerns among classified staff, community college faculty, and certificated K-12 staff.  Please make sure you register for the training that best represents your local union membership.


About Our Webinars
This webinar will be presented through Zoom videoconferencing. You will receive email confirmation of your webinar registration directly from Zoom. It will contain the link to join the videoconference from your PC, Mac, iOS or Android device, as well as the phone number if you choose to call in. You will also receive a helpful email reminder from Zoom one hour before the webinar begins.