Public Schools Week (22-26)

Special Dates

Celebrate Public Schools Week, a national celebration of the great things happening every day in public schools — and of these schools’ potential for greater things. 

Public Schools week is an opportunity for teachers, paraprofessionals, classified employees, specialists, administrators, teacher educators, parents and school board members and their partners to highlight the good news about public schools, which are attended by nine out of 10 American students. It is being sponsored by a coalition of more than 30 organizations, including the AFT.

The website Public School Proud has a toolkit for educators, including links to social media graphics and other resources. 

There are several things that can be done to help celebrate the event.

  • AFT is asking relevant affiliates to work with legislators to pass resolutions commemorating public schools week. A resolution passed last year to commemorate Public Schools Week 2020 can be found here.
  • You can also work with friendly legislators to have events or use social media to mark the week. The social media toolkit can be found here.

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