Support the Poor People’s Campaign
March 25, 2018


Whereas, the social fabric of our country is being stretched thin by a widening income inequality while politicians criminalize the poor, our youth, and those taking action to defend our rights and fan the flames of racism and xenophobia to divide the poor and steal money from the poor to give billions to corporations, the military to fund perpetual wars, and for the militarization of the police and our schools, surveillance and prisons; and

Whereas, the twin forces of white supremacy and unchecked corporate greed continue to gain more power and influence both in statehouses across the nation and at the highest levels of the federal government and the threat of fascism looms on the horizon; and

Whereas, half of the population now live in poverty, while millions of children and adults live without access to healthcare, quality education, housing, adequate food, clean water or good jobs and the destruction of the environment is reaching a point of no return; and

Whereas, 50 years ago, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others called for people who had been divided to stand together against militarism, racism and economic injustice. They were joined by poor people in communities across the United States — Black, Brown, Native and White — to build a Poor People’s Campaign; and

Whereas, a call to reignite the Poor People’s Campaign, headed by Rev. William Barber II and Rev. Liz Theoharis has emerged from more than a decade of work by grassroots community and religious leaders and organizations to fight back for their lives, communities and deepest values, and to build a just, sustainable and participatory society from the bottom up; and

Whereas, the Poor People’s Campaign has been organizing to engage in highly publicized civil disobedience and non-violent direct actions in Washington D.C., California, and 29 other states for 40 days, beginning on Mother’s Day in order to force a serious national examination of the enmeshed evils of systemic racism, poverty, militarism and environmental devastation during a key election year while strengthening and connecting informed and committed grassroots leadership in every state thereby increasing their power to continue this fight long after June 2018; and

Whereas, tens of thousands of people have already signed up nationally as well as thousands of people in California to participate in peaceful resistance and other activities; and

Whereas, the California Poor People’s Campaign along with members of the National Steering Committee invite individuals and organizations to join the campaign and are organizing regionally in California for at least 1,000 people to participate with the larger national body in 40 days of coordinated strategic actions; and

Whereas, CFT has been a leader and active supporter over the years of the fight for justice and to defend and extend civil rights;

Therefore, be it resolved, that CFT will support the California Poor People’s Campaign.