School safety: Include lockdown kits in classrooms
March 24, 2019


Whereas, the safety of the faculty, staff and students is of utmost importance; and

Whereas, lockdowns are becoming more common and can last for hours with no facilities for sanitation; and

Whereas, in the event of an emergency or lockdown, educators become disaster service workers (California Education Code Sections 3100-3109) and are expected to serve the institution and students; and

Whereas, the recent events of December 18, 2018, when two Orange County schools were locked down and January 15, 2019, when Citrus College was locked down and no one could leave their classroom for over five hours;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the CFT support an amendment to the California Education Code to include lockdown kits with enough supplies for each student and each adult in the classroom to last at least 12 hours as well as for all offices located on the campus where instruction takes place. These supplies must address both sanitation and nutritional needs in every EC/TK–14 classroom and office where there is instruction.