Protect UC lecturers against union busting by misclassification
March 25, 2018


Whereas, low-wage, low-benefit jobs at the University of California detract from the UC’s mission of education, research, and service and harm the communities in which UC campuses are situated; and

Whereas, in the past, UC campuses have inappropriately appointed non-Senate faculty who ought to be UC-AFT lecturers into non-represented positions such as “Adjunct Professor” and “Visiting Assistant Professor” in order to depress wages and benefits and deprive workers of union protections; and

Whereas, UC administrators in written documents have expressed an intent to increase the number of workers under the title “Lecturer with Security of Employment,” a non-unionized position, whose duties are similar to those of UC-AFT lecturers but whose pay scale is lower and potential workload is higher; and

Whereas, proposed revisions to the non-unionized Lecturer with Security of Employment series may facilitate union-busting in the future by providing UC administrators with a way to take work out of the bargaining unit represented by UC-AFT;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the California Federation of Teachers educate the UC Regents and state legislators about the way UC administrators misclassify faculty as a way of underemploying individual workers and draining UC-AFT’s power to represent its members effectively.