Pride Resolution


WHEREAS, over 500 specifically anti-trans bills have been introduced across the country. While many have failed, the rigorous and consistent attack on the trans community is a growing threat and reinforces every homophobic, anti-transgender, backward, and bigoted impulse in our society; and 

WHEREAS, the wave of anti-LGBTQIA+—and often specifically anti-trans—action villainizes individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community, putting a target on the backs of every member of the LGBTQIA+ community and anyone assumed to belong to that community, including the many LGBTQIA+ educators and students in our schools; and 

WHEREAS, book bans, anti-trans health care legislation, and “Don’t Say Gay” bills, are part of a national attempt to silence and instill fear in the LGBTQIA+ community; and 

WHEREAS, the rise in both verbal and physical attacks on LGBTQIA+ school workers and students is unacceptable and threatens the safety of everybody; and 

WHEREAS, schools must be a safe haven for every young person to thrive and develop a confident sense of self, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression; and 

WHEREAS, the leadership of LGBTQIA+ youth and allies has been central to defending all civil rights and human rights. We must defend and protect our leaders in this effort. 

RESOLVED, that the CFT will defend the right of LGBTQIA+ students, education workers, and families to participate in our schools, colleges, and communities free from harassment or fear; and 

RESOLVED, that the CFT will continue to vigorously defend workers who support LGBTQIA+ youth and community and who teach about the existence, dignity, rights, mass actions, history and pride of LGBTQIA+ people; and 

RESOLVED, that the CFT will continue to call out legislators and governors who use children as a wedge issue through hateful and harmful speech and legislation that aims to discriminate and attack transgender and gender-nonconforming youth; and 

RESOLVED, that the CFT commits to ensuring that all LGBTQIA+ youth and educators are valued, have a place in our classrooms and campus communities, and deserve the opportunity for a diverse, full, and safe education and working experience, in California and across the United States; and 

FINALLY RESOLVED, that the CFT create an LGBTQIA+ task force that will include members who are reflective of the racial diversity and identities of the community and that will be a resource for outreach and support in and out of the classrooms for all students, educators, librarians, counselors, and support staff who are affected by abuse, discrimination, or harassment protected by law.

Passed by the CFT Executive Committee on June 3, 2023