Oppose and reject McTeacher’s Nights
March 25, 2018


Whereas, McTeacher’s Night is promoted as a fundraiser when in fact, it is a thinly veiled marketing tactic by which McDonald’s sells its products and promotes its brand to students and their families; and

Whereas, McDonald’s exploits school funding shortfalls in order to market — and profit from — the sale of junk food to children, undermining public institutions and teachers; and

Whereas, McDonald’s marketing disproportionately affects low socio-economic students and students of color, and contributes to the growing epidemic of diet-related disease; and

Whereas, when educators volunteer at McTeacher’s Nights, workers in the community (who are often low-income earners) may lose work hours, impacting their income and contributing to poverty;

Therefore, be it resolved that the California Federation of Teachers will publish an article on our opposition to, and rejection of, McDonald’s program, McTeacher’s Nights, for exploiting public schools and teachers to market junk food to our students; and

Be it further resolved, that CFT President Joshua Pechthalt will write a letter of concern directed to the president and CEO of McDonald’s regarding the harmful effects of McTeacher’s Nights, which local associations can submit to local media outlets where the McTeacher’s Nights programs are active; and

Be it further resolved, that President Pechthalt will write a letter to the presidents of state and national Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs), Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), and Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) urging them to stop all partnerships with McDonald’s on McTeacher’s Nights; and

Be it further resolved, that CFT will encourage state and local affiliates to re-evaluate McTeacher’s Nights and to support state and local legislation and policies aimed at protecting children and students from junk food marketing; and

Be it further resolved, that CFT will support legislative and policy initiatives at the state and local levels to curb junk food marketing that targets children; and

Be it finally resolved, that the resolution be sent to the AFT Convention.