CFT Stands Against APEC and Endorses Participation in the Upcoming SF Protests


Whereas Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a multilateral non- governmental forum for trade negotiations among 21 member economies in the Asia Pacific Region, including the United States, Mexico, the Philippines and China, which like NAFTA resulted in the outsourcing of millions of jobs and undermining labor and environmental standards globally; and

Whereas the 2023 APEC Summit, with 21 heads of state and a CEO summit with anti-labor corporations like Amazon, Uber, Google, and Walmart, will be held in San Francisco this November 14-17 as an exclusive gathering of corporate lobbyists and billionaires, to the exclusion of the voices of workers, labor unions, migrants, environmentalists, Indigenous peoples, and other marginalized sectors; and 

Whereas the San Francisco Mayor’s office has pledged to contribute $10 million of city funds - that could much better be spent on the needs of the city’s population - to security measures that will block off ten square blocks of San Francisco to its own residents, and

Whereas the San Francisco and Alameda Labor Councils and many education union community allies have signed on to the coalition organizing the protest, initiated by the International League of People’s Struggle; Therefore Be It Resolved that CFT agrees to the No to APEC Coalition’s (Coalition) campaign points of unity; and

Be It Finally Resolved that CFT will sign on to the campaign as an endorser and will publicize the labor protest on November 15 at the APEC CEO Summit in San Francisco to our membership and encourage their participation.

Submitted by the Labor and Climate Justice Education Committee