Advocating for mental health services for all educators
March 19, 2023


Whereas, the new RAND survey reported teachers and classified staff are experiencing job-related stress at a rate about twice that of the general population of working adults; and 

Whereas, the recent RAND report found that well-being is especially poor among Latinx teachers, mid-career teachers, and female teachers; and 

Whereas, poor mental and health well-being and adverse working conditions were linked with educators’ intentions to leave their jobs; and

Whereas, to create more supportive environments for educators, district and school administrators should avoid superficial, one-off wellness programs and take a systemwide, comprehensive approach; 

Therefore, be it resolved, that the CFT advocate for enhanced trainings for mental health practitioners in schools, along with providing information and resources to members about accessing support for mental health needs in digital communication; and  

Be it further resolved, that the CFT seek out legislation to spend more on mental health resources for educators and classified staff at the state level.

  • Submitted by the Civil, Human, and Women’s Rights Committe