Special Education Services Committee


The Special Education Services Committee keeps the Federation and its members informed about trends in special education and monitors changes and developments in identified priority areas.


  • Provide CFT representation at key state policy meetings on special education issues and participate in grassroots advocacy in Sacramento as needed. 
  • Monitor developments at the state and local levels in priority areas identified by the committee.
  • Participate in and track the development of proposed changes to special education credentialing.
  • Develop workshops and produce materials to ensure that CFT locals have the information to be effective advocates locally on special education issues.
  • Review existing union policy and formulate recommendations for CFT governance bodies.
  • Align the committee’s work with related Division Council efforts.


Marcela Chagoya, Chair, United Teachers Los Angeles 
Kelly Ayers, Lompoc Federation of Teachers
Bernadette Boddington, Paso Robles Public Educators
Andrea Capito Blanchard, North Monterey County Federation of Teachers
Brandon Diniz, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers
April Farris, El Rancho Federation of Teachers
Rachael Jones, Pajaro Valley Federation of Teachers
Heather Molloy, Oxnard Federation of Teachers and School Employees
Diana Mueller, United Educators of San Francisco
Crystal Ochoa, Poway Federation of Teachers
Deborah Schneider Solis, United Teachers Los Angeles
Cynthia Spangler, Lompoc Federation of Teachers
Callen Taylor, United Educators of San Francisco
Jennifer Villa, Salinas Valley Federation of Teachers
Sarah Henne, Staff Liaison  


COVID-19 Toolkit — Equitable Special Education Through Distance Learning

The committees’s newest project is a comprehensive toolkit created for teachers and special ed paraprofessionals for reference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Complete with helpful FAQs for teachers and paras, two downloadable flyers, and a significant section on due process and legal questions.