PreK-12 Education Issues Committee


The PreK-12 Education Issues Committee identifies and monitors significant educational issues affecting PreK-12 education in California. The committee comprises certificated employees, paraprofessionals and classified employees. 


  • Monitor state and federal statues and regulatory policies that generate or affect PreK-12 education.
  • Track policy issues and provide advice to CFT legislative staff regarding the following issues in particular: California Dashboard, LCAP, testing and accountability, the teacher shortage, and other emerging educational policy issues.
  • Seek out and disseminate information about key issues from AFT and other organizations to locals and members.
  • Organize workshops and produce materials to ensure that locals and members have the information to be effective advocates locally on PreK-12 policy issues.
  • Align the committee’s work with related Division Council efforts, and explore and emphasize issues of common interest to all CFT councils and divisions of education.
  • Provide a forum for teachers and staff to engage in dialogue and support each other. 


Lilia Carreon, Co-chair, El Rancho Federation of Teachers
Sandra Larsen, Co-chair, Petaluma Federation of Teachers
Nancy Beretz, Poway Federation of Teachers
Maria Cano, Salinas Valley Federation of Teachers
Susan Estrada, El Rancho Federation of Teachers
Desi Molinar, ABC Federation of Teachers
Catherine Pascual, ABC Federation of Teachers
Carolyn Samoa, United Educators of San Francisco
Steve Seal, United Teachers Los Angeles
Claudia Silva, United Teachers Los Angeles
Gregg Solkovits, United Teachers Los Angeles
Ingrid GunnellStaff Liaison