General Session – Saturday, March 27

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8:45 am –11:30 am   GENERAL SESSION

Join us for wake-up entertainment! Official start at 9 am.

Call to Order
Secretary Treasurer Luukia Smith opens the second day of CFT Convention.

Raoul Teilhet Scholarships
Our proud program has awarded scholarships to 715 children or dependents of CFT members.

Ben Rust Award
Cathy Campbell, former president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers and former CFT Vice President, will receive the CFT’s highest honor.

Guest Speaker — Khalil Gibran Muhammad
Known as one of the most influential authorities on racial justice in America, Harvard Professor Khalil Gibran Muhammad is redefining our understanding of diversity.

Panel Discussion: Our Work with Labor and Community Partners
Learn how our unions are working with labor and community groups on issues of common good — education, immigration, racial justice, and contingent labor.

  • Moderator: Lacy Barnes, CFT Senior Vice President
  • Belinda Lum, Los Rios College Federation of Teachers
  • Susan Solomon, United Educators of San Francisco
  • Cecily Myart-Cruz, United Teachers Los Angeles
  • Mia McIver, UC-AFT

A Conversation About the Pandemic and Vaccinations with Dr. Grace Lee
All about vaccines from Stanford professor Dr. Grace Lee, who serves on the U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

Political Activism Recognition
Members recognized for their efforts in the Presidential  and Georgia elections, and for taking the bold step to run for public office themselves. 

Legislator of the Year Award
Oakland Assemblymember Rob Bonta is recognized for sharing our vision of public education in the state Legislature.

Greetings from Vice President Kamala Harris
Delegates will hear from our former U.S. Senator now elected to our nation’s second highest position — U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris!

Video: Above and Beyond with Love

Guest Speaker — AFT President Randi Weingarten
Our national president speaks to AFT’s extraordinary efforts during the pandemic to ensure that workplaces are safe for education professionals and healthcare workers.