Election Rules for Division Council Officers


Voting for division council officers will take place electronically during the Division Council meetings on Saturday, March 20. Election results will be announced at division meetings.

  • In order to vote in the Division Council elections, delegates must be registered on the Virtual Convention website by March 19 at midnight.


A. The following will be elected at the 2021 Convention:

  1. EC/TK-12 Council

    1. President
    2. Senior Vice President
    3. Northern Vice President
    4. Southern Vice President
    5. Secretary
  2. Council of Classified Employees
    1. President
    2. Northern Vice President
    3. Southern Vice President
    4. Secretary
  3. Community College Council
    1. President
    2. Northern Vice President
    3. Southern Vice President
    4. Secretary-Treasurer
    5. Four Part-time Faculty At-Large
  4. Council of Retired Members
    1. President
    2. Northern Vice President
    3. Southern Vice President
    4. Secretary-Treasurer

B. Presiding Over Elections

  1. The Nomination and Elections Committee shall have plenary powers to run the election in conjunction with a third-party company that has been retained to conduct the balloting by electronic vote. The committee is authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise, during or out of the election, subject only to the provisions of Article I, Section 12 of the CFT By-Laws as modified by the CFT Executive Council for purposes of conducting a virtual convention, which specify the procedures for nomination and election.
  2. A chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee shall preside over the Division Council meeting during the time of speeches.
  3. Questions or concerns regarding the conduct of the election should be directed to the chair of the Nomination and Elections Committee.

C. Nominations Procedure

  1. Candidates for council officers shall officially place their names in nomination by submitting a “Declaration of Candidacy” form to the committee chair via the online portal on the CFT website or by emailing elections@cft.org not later than 6:00 p.m. Friday, March 19, 2021. Forms are available on the CFT website or by emailing elections@cft.org.
  2. The names of all announced candidates shall be read to the Council on Saturday, March 20, 2021.
  3. Nominations may be made from the floor during the Division Council meeting. A floor nominee must immediately complete a “Declaration of Candidacy” form and submit to the online portal on the CFT website or by emailing elections@cft.org. Forms can be found on the CFT website.
  4. After asking for nominations three times for each office, the chair shall declare the nominations closed.
  5. An opportunity shall be given for any person nominated to decline.
  6. Each candidate has two minutes for the purpose of discussing their candidacy. The candidates shall be recognized in alphabetical order. Any candidate may designate an alternate speaker.


A. Unanimous Consent

If there are only as many nominations as there are positions, elections may be by unanimous consent, and the voting procedure outlined in section B below will not take place.

B. Contested Elections

A contested election shall be conducted by electronic vote in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. In order to vote, a delegate must be registered as a voting delegate for the convention no later than 6:00 pm, Friday, March 19, 2021.
  2. Each delegation’s voting strength shall be checked and verified by the Nominations and Elections Committee.
  3. Ballots containing the delegate’s full name, local name and number, and average membership will be sent to each registered delegate, who has checked in to the Convention, via email by BallotPoint Election Services. The email will contain directions and a link to vote. Delegates will have one hour to cast their votes.
  4. The tabulation of votes will begin one hour from the origination time of the Ballotpoint email for voting.
  5. Should no candidate for a position receive a majority of ballots cast, the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall compete in a run-off election, which will follow the same procedures just outlined. 

C. Results of Election

  1. The candidates receiving a majority of votes shall be elected.
  2. Candidates running for the CCC Part-Time Faculty At-Large positions who receive the highest number of votes shall be deemed elected.
  3. The results of a unanimous consent or contested election will be announced at the March 20, 2021 Division Council meetings.

D. Independent Certification

The results and ballots shall be certified as accurate and retained by the independent body.