Early Childhood Education Committee


The Early Childhood Education Committee monitors issues and activities relating to preschool, Head Start, child care and nursery school programs and makes policy recommendations. 


  • Track developments in early childhood education at state and federal legislative and regulatory bodies.
  • Provide advice to the CFT legislative department on state budget issues and legislation related to early childhood education.
  • Review existing policy and recommend policy positions to CFT governance bodies on matters relevant to early childhood education. 
  • Keep the Federation and its members informed regarding new trends and programs in the field of early childhood education and provide regular committee updates to related Division Councils.
  • Produce materials and hold workshops on early childhood education to ensure that CFT locals have the information to be effective advocates locally on these policy issues.


Gloria Garcia, Co-Chair, Early Childhood Federation
Betty Robinson-Harris, Co-Chair, United Educators of San Francisco
Elisa Aparicio, United Teachers Los Angeles
Brenda Brown, United Teachers Los Angeles
Rosa Diaz, United Teachers Los Angeles
Sandra Espino, ABC Federation of Teachers
Maria T. Huitron, Early Childhood Federation
Leonard Newsome, United Teachers Los Angeles
Karen Quinn, United Educators of San Francisco
Reema Suleiman, ABC Federation of Teachers
Deborah Thies, Berkeley Federation of Teachers
Rosa Maria Torres, Lawndale Federation of Classified Employees
Leticia Valles, Early Childhood Federation
Terry Elverum, Staff Liaison 
Shannon Willson, Staff Liaison