2019-20 Budget Year


June 28, 2019
Adopted State Budget - Research Brief
Gov. Newsom and the state Legislature came to an agreement on a $215 billion budget that maintains many of the governor’s priorities from January and May. Spending for education is at an all-time high, but the state still lags behind the rest of the nation in K-12 per-pupil spending, ranking 39th of 50 states according to Education Week’s Quality Counts 2019: Grading the States. With a $21 billion reserve projected, the state will make its first deposit into the “Proposition 98 Rainy Day Fund,” officially known as the Public School System Stabilization Account. In addition, this budget introduces a “cradle-to-career” data system that will track students from preschool to college and into the workforce.

June 2, 2019
Governor's May Revision - Research Brief
This in-depth analysis details the changes in the governor’s May Revision.  Most of his January proposals remained with some adjustments for a slight downward change in the statutory cost-of-living adjustment offset by higher-than-expected revenues. The Legislature has until June 15 to send a balanced budget to the governor and he then has until June 30 to sign a final budget.

May 10, 2019
Governor's May Revision - Education Highlights
In Gov. Newsom’s May Revision released May 9, revenue estimates are $3.2 billion above January estimates. Most of these increases are going toward constitutionally required reserves, debt repayment, and increases to several of the governor’s education priorities outlined in his January proposal, including early childhood education special education and educator training. 

January 17, 2019
Governor's Proposed State Budget - Research Brief
Gov. Newsom inherited a strong economy and made proposals based on the assumption that the economic expansion would continue. His “A California for All” budget projects a $21.4 billion surplus. This budget makes significant investments in early childhood, releases bond money for school facilities, pays toward CalSTRS unfunded liabilities and creates a “cradle to career” student data system. 

January 11, 2019
Sneak Peek: Governor's Proposed Budget
Gov. Newsom released his first budget proposal which he is calling “California for All.” The governor’s education budget proposal includes investments in early childhood education, increased funding for K-12, community college and higher education and significant allocations to educator retirement systems.