"Official" distance learning resources from California Dept. of Education


The California Department of Education has provided a stunningly extensive collection of distance learning resources for K-12 educators. Many teachers haven’t done this before and are being asked to completely pivot from their classroom plans to virtual plans in just a few weeks, which may leave them, understandably, overwhelmed.

The resources provided cover platforms you can use, like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Google Classroom; articles on navigating distance learning; ways to support students with disabilities; and help for communicating directly with students to share lessons and content by email, video, direct messaging, and audio. There are also children’s books in multiple languages and language learning courses, as well as online high school courses and materials, and pre-K games and activities.

Digital resources are organized into content areas — not just English, Math, History and Science, but also resources for teaching things that can be particularly challenging online such as Physical Education, Art and Music.