CFT Commends Governor Newsom’s Commitment to Education Funding in January Budget Proposal

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Sacramento, CA — CFT President Jeff Freitas released the following statement on Governor Newsom’s January budget proposal released today: 

“We are grateful to see public education funding prioritized in Governor Newsom’s budget proposal in light of the projected budget deficit. We face unprecedented staffing shortages in our public schools, and funding will be critical to retaining our experienced educators and classified staff, attracting new talent into the profession, and elevating public education careers to ultimately improve student achievement and well-being inside and outside the classroom. 

“CFT applauds Governor Newsom’s years-long commitment to raising California’s per pupil funding. Nevertheless, as the world’s fourth largest economy, we can and must do more for our public schools. 

“As we continue to hash out the details of our state’s budget in the coming months, we will work with the Governor and fellow public school champions in the Legislature to fund California’s future through critical investments in public education. Our key priorities will be addressing staffing shortages and lowering class sizes, so that our students can receive the consistent, individualized education they deserve.”


CFT — A Union of Educators and Classified Professionals represents 120,000 teachers, faculty, and school employees in public and private schools and colleges, from early childhood through higher education. It is the statewide affiliate of the AFT, AFL-CIO.