CFT Applauds Approval of Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum
In wake of racist violence, educators and school staff say educational system has powerful role in defeating hate 

News Release

California Federation of Teachers
For Immediate Release
Contact: Matthew Hardy, 510-703-5291

SACRAMENTO, CA — Following the State Board of Education’s approval of the first statewide K-12 ethnic studies plan, CFT President Jeff Freitas issued the following statement:

“A state adopted, educational framework aimed at confronting racism and hate is long overdue. CFT’s teachers and classified staff applaud California’s adoption of an ethnic studies plan that counters systemic, ingrained racism too often reinforced at a very young age. 

“We are mindful that this action comes as we join the AAPI community to mourn lives lost to hate in Northern Georgia earlier this week and that communities of color suffer relentless violence rooted in white supremacy. It is clear our education system must not only denounce racism, but become actively anti-racist. 

“We are proud that CFT educators have already begun implementing anti-racist teaching methods in their classrooms; a statewide ethnic studies plan means teachers across the state will be able to access shared resources and best practices for this crucial curricula.

“The best educational curricula are not static, but grow and improve. CFT members are committed to this work in our fight to become a more inclusive learning community and a more just society.”  


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