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Raoul Teilhet Scholarships
Bringing the benefit of union membership to your family

student recipients collage

Through this benefit of membership, the CFT has helped hundreds of students reach their higher education goals by awarding them Raoul Teilhet Scholarships.

Applications are now open for the 2024 continuing college student application. Please follow this link to fill out your application.

The CFT offers scholarships to high school seniors and continuing college students who are children or dependents of CFT members in good standing. Students enrolled in four-year courses of study are eligible for $3000 scholarships; those enrolled in two-year programs are eligible for $1000.

The Raoul Teilhet Scholarship program began in 1997 when delegates to the CFT Convention voted to establish scholarships to assist children and dependents of members with the cost of higher education. The program was named after inspirational CFT President Raoul Teilhet, who served the organization as president from 1968 to 1985. Convention delegates extended eligibility to continuing college students in 2003.

Article Written by: INGRID GUNNELL, CFT Political Organizer

March 5th Primaries Show Success and a Path Forward
CFT had a successful March 5th Primary Election

The March Primary and November General Elections are extra important this year, as many statewide legislators have termed out and we are electing a new group that may be in office for 12 years.

A super majority of our endorsed legislative candidates made it through to the general election in November, many of whom came first in their race. 

CFT members from across the state participated in interviews to recommend candidates for endorsement, and then worked to get those candidates into the November general election. 

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CFT United: Classified Day of Action, March Summit Highlights, AI & Literacy, and much more

A note from the editor:

CFT members work tirelessly everyday to educate and care for our students and their families. CFT United is a long running publication of the union and seeks to underscore the hard work, determination and the heart of educators and classified employees.

Our hope is that this publication can shine a light on those very things, and in turn, inspire each of us to show up more fully to our work every day.


Classified Day of Action
May 21, 2024 • Sacramento Capitol

No Class Without Classified: Filling the Gaps to Educate California Students. 

Register now for the 2024 Classified Day of Action, which is set for May 21 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the State Capitol!

The theme of the day of action will be No Class Without Classified: Filling the Gaps to Educate California Students. 

Classified workers and supporters from throughout the state will gather at the west steps of the capitol building for a spirited rally demanding respect for all classified workers and the students they serve.

Article state budget

Legislative Update: Newsom’s Proposed State Budget ‘24-25
Initial Overview

January 11, 2024

Governor Newsom presented his initial 2024-25 budget proposal yesterday, with less dire projections than had been anticipated. The $291 billion budget proposal is about 6% smaller than the total 2023-24 budget, and about 8% smaller than the General Fund spending approved in the 2023-24 budget act.

The budget deficit as calculated by the Department of Finance (DOF) is estimated at $37.9 billion for the coming fiscal year; this is about $30 billion lower than the Legislative Analyst projected last month.


President Freitas is focused on building power for classified members

Jeff Freitas, President of the CFT, emphasized in his address to the attendees of the annual Council of Classified Employees Conference that the organization isn’t a teacher’s union, but a union of teachers and classified professionals.

“We have made sure that we represent everybody in the field of education in the classroom, as well as outside of the classroom,” he said.


AFT joins CCE Conference to lead workshop on student loan debt

In a well-attended Student Loan Debt workshop at the 2023 Council of Classified Employee conference, the facilitators offered information to those struggling to pay back student loans.

Maeve Kline, senior associate at AFT, AFL-CIO, told attendees that more than 45 million people have student debt and about one out of every five borrowers was in default, meaning about nine million people aren’t able to make their monthly payments.


Legislative Update

The first year of California’s 2023-24 legislative session has come to an end

This year CFT tracked over 1,300 bills, supporting 160 and opposing 38. Included in these figures are 16 bills that the CFT was either the primary sponsor, or a co-sponsor thereof.

In total, eleven CFT-sponsored or co-sponsored bills reached Governor Newsom’s desk, where six were signed into law, and five were vetoed.


Classified members take their fight to the Capitol

Teanna Tillery, the United Educators of San Francisco Vice President for Paraeduators, has been involved with the union in different capacities for about twenty years. She joined, she says because of the disparity in the way classified members were treated in negotiations.

“I worked in my community for years, and it’s just in my nature that if I see something I don’t understand I like to go to the source and try to understand it,” she said. “I just wanted to be part of the group who could address problems.”


CFT-Sponsored Bills Move Through Legislature

Key legislation passed through the California Assembly in June, advancing to the State Senate for consideration later this summer. 

AB 938 increases base funding under the Local Control Funding Formula by 50% to support a 50% raise in TK-12 salaries. The Assembly passed the CFT-sponsored bill by a unanimous 77-0 vote.

AB 1699 prohibits school districts from retaliating against classified staff for refusing or accepting a vacancy. The bill gives employees at least 10 days to apply for a position before the job opens to the public.