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Safe Havens
Ensuring safe workplaces for students and workers

A movement is underway in California and across the nation to protect our most vulnerable students and their families anti-immigrant actions. The CFT has created a Safe Havens Toolkit for educators, students and families with links and downloads from numerous advocacy organizations.

Students, educators and school staff also deserve to work in places free from the fear o of mass shootings. CFT takes a strong stand for common sense gun control to end the gun violence in our schools.

Article LGBTQ+

Celebrate Pride Month at school and home
Our curated collection celebrates LGBTQ+ individuals and activism

Early in the morning of June 28,1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City’s Greenwich Village, a place where gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people gathered. Police officers entered the club, roughed up patrons and arrested 13 people, including employees and people violating the state’s gender-appropriate clothing statute.


CFT member delegates take part in 2023 Biennial Convention in San Francisco

After four years of not meeting in person, CFT members met in San Francisco this past weekend at our Biennial Convention, under the theme United for Justice, United for Education.

Delegates participated in vigorous debate about key resolutions, attended informative workshops, and heard from inspiring speakers, including Keith Boykin, Jane Elliott, and Randi Weingarten. We recognized newly organized locals and celebrated our members who were elected to public office in 2022.


CFT Kicks Off Our 2023 Biennial Convention

The 2023 CFT Convention is now underway in the historic St. Francisco hotel in San Francisco. The convention, which lasts through March 19, is CFT’s highest governance body, where delegates shape union policy and positions on issues affecting all members. The biennial Convention is open to all CFT members, but only elected delegates can vote. 

The theme of this year’s convention is United for Justice. United for Education.

Article WEP/GPO Social Security

Take action now to avoid income shock at retirement
End the Social Security penalties WEP and GPO

rally to end WEP/GPO in Washington D.C.

Districts are supposed to tell new hires about the impact “WEP and GPO” will have on their Social Security—but often they don’t, says Dennis Cox, president of the CFT Council of Retired Members. That means teachers who are counting on a certain amount of income for their retirement get a shock when they find out they won’t be getting it. This happened to Cox.

“I found out I wasn’t going to get my full Social Security benefits and Medicare would be taken out of that,” he said. “I got clobbered, and there’s many people in a worse situation than I am.”

Article coronavirus SCFF PT campaign

Faculty push for the face-to-face classes that students want
In-person college classes improve learning, build campus community, and lifelong connections

San Diego student Joshua McCann

Joshua McCann much prefers going to campus for his San Diego Community College District classes. Now in his second year and intending to transfer to a UC and major in political science, McCann says connections on Zoom or in your Canvas inbox can’t compare to being with a person in real life.

McCann goes to campus for three out of his four classes. The other night after his philosophy class, he stayed for office hours with the teacher, and ended up having a two-hour conversation about the class with some of the other students.

What budget trailer bills mean for education workers
Legislative Update

trailer carrying funds allocated in budget trailer bills

On September 30, Governor Newsom signed the final budget trailer bills sent to him by the Legislature after passing the bills and a “budget junior” on August 31. Budget trailer bills are created by the Committee on Budget to provide technical language for the implementation of fiscal allocations. The budget junior bill includes additional allocations as well as additional items necessary for implementation of some July budget expenditures.

The budget-related bills go into effect immediately. CFT priorities in the budget trailer bills are listed below.

Article staff shortage affordability crisis

How does a district build a village for teachers and staff?
Innovative, affordable, and comfortable housing in Daly City welcomes new and veteran employees

Alex Daria, special education instructional assistant

The Jefferson Union High School District knew it had a problem holding onto staff. The district was losing about 25% of its certificated and classified employees yearly, and a survey showed that many were leaving the Daly City school district because of the high cost of housing.

Article staff shortage coronavirus AFT

In our voices: The state of our schools, workers, and students
Educators report staff shortages, mental health issues are ubiquitous

Yajaira J. Cuapio

Yajaira J. Cuapio has been a social worker in the San Francisco Unified School District for eight years. With the pandemic, she says the last couple of years have been challenging.

“Students have been isolated for so long that it’s having an impact on their social skills. They’re arguing and fighting, and it leads to unsafe interactions,” she said. “Then academically there have been disruptions. For one thing, a positive COVID case would cause students to have to quarantine for 10 days, and if they’re out that long, truancy is established.”

Article wildfires environment

Staying safe at work and home during wildfires
Monitor air quality, know workplace safety and emergency response protocols

With wildfires burning in the north and south of our state, here is some helpful information about air quality, worker safety, and supporting families in need. 

Air quality

You can find the Air Quality Index in your area by entering your zip code in the EPA’s AirNow online calculator, which is also available as an app for your mobile device. Purpleair.com is also a useful resource run by a private company, offering hyper-local air quality monitoring in many areas.

Article student debt

You may be eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness
AFT legal victory produces sweeping rule changes, and a year to apply

After years of pressure and lawsuits from AFT and other advocates, the U.S. Department of Education recently announced sweeping changes to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program that will make it easier to qualify and easier to achieve forgiveness.