State Council Summit
With election year training intensive and Division Councils

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Our State Council Summit in Oakland will bring members together in advance of our work to help transform the political landscape in November 2020. This event provides an opportunity to hear invited speakers, attend useful workshops, and get important legal updates that will keep your knowledge current and sharpen your skills as union leaders. The conference is being held in conjunction with Division Council meetings and State Council, the policymaking body of CFT in between Conventions. 

The Friday program will include two plenary sessions, two blocks of workshops, helpful legal updates, a dinner program, and an after-party with DJ and dancing.

On Saturday, the Division Councils and State Council will meet. The CFT will reimburse the travel expenses of one delegate per local union for representation at State Council. However, local union leaders and members are all welcome and encouraged to attend!


Register Your Attendance

The deadline to register your attendance at State Council Summit is March 11.

Note: The CFT reimburses full or partial travel expenses for one State Council delegate based on local union size. To learn more, please read State Council Travel Reimbursement below.

Reserve Hotel Rooms

The room rate is $149. The deadline to reserve rooms at the CFT rate is February 28

Getting There

The State Council Summit will be held at the Hilton Oakland Airport.

  • If you are arriving by plane, fly into Oakland International Airport (OAK). The hotel is only one mile from the airport and there is complimentary shuttle service between the hotel and airport. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes, starting on the hour. 
  • If you are arriving by car, you may find driving directions below. 

Tentative Schedule


9 a.m. Registration

11 a.m. Opening Plenary

12 p.m. Lunch

1 p.m. Workshops

2:30 p.m. Workshops

4 p.m. Legal Panel & Discussion

5:30 p.m. Plenary

6 p.m. Dinner Program

 8 p.m. DJ and Dancing


8 a.m. Breakfast

9 a.m. State Council – Opening Session

10 a.m. Division Councils

12 p.m. Lunch

1 p.m. Division Councils, continued

3 p.m. State Council – Concluding Session

5 p.m. Adjourn

Tentative Speakers and Workshops


  • Nikki Fortunato Bas, Oakland City Councilmember and former Executive Director, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE)
  • Kathryn Lybarger, President, California Labor Federation and President, AFSCME Local 3299


  • Using Art to Win
  • Getting the Most Out of Social Media
  • Running a Successful Local Political Campaign
  • Union Members From the Start: New Employee Orientations
  • Applying Racial and Gender Equity Lenses to Connect the Dots Between Implicit Bias and Systemic Oppression
  • Bargaining for the Common Good: Winning Big and Redefining Unions

About State Council

Between Conventions, the State Council makes decisions for the Federation. All locals may send delegates to State Council. It meets twice yearly. Policy positions discussed and voted on at meetings of the Division Councils earlier in the day may be ratified by the general membership at the State Council.

State Council also sits as the CFT Committee on Political Education, or COPE, and reviews ballot propositions and political candidates and their positions on issues. Through COPE, the CFT participates actively in the campaigns of endorsed candidates.

State Council Travel Reimbursement

To assist local unions in sending one representative to the State Council, the CFT reimburses travel expenses based on local membership. The reimbursement is defined in the CFT Constitution & Bylaws (Section 8, Travel Reimbursement for State Council) as follows:

Number of local members

Percent reimbursement

1000 or more

50 percent

600 to 999

75 percent

Fewer than 600

100 percent

Reimbursement Guidelines

  • A local shall be in good standing to receive the reimbursement. 
  • The CFT will reimburse only one delegate per local. 
  • Transportation costs include airfare, parking, and mileage to and from the airport. Where airfare is available, mileage is to be no more than airfare. CFT reimburses for mileage at the current IRS rate. 
  • Meals are not reimbursed. 
  • To obtain reimbursement for travel expenses to State Council, locals may complete and submit this Expense Reimbursement Request form. All receipts necessary for reimbursement must be included and sent to the Burbank office. The signature of the local president is required.

About Division Councils

Division Councils meet regularly to share information and to formulate policy proposals for constituents, and oftentimes the larger CFT.  It’s important to send a representative from your local union to attend these meetings of the union’s Division Councils so your local can be part of the decision-making. All members are welcome to attend. Agendas will emailed to constituent local unions.