State Council – Online
In conjunction with Division Councils, Committees

Event Administrative Services

Update: Online registration has now closed.

  • The deadline to register your attendance for State Council was Friday, September 24 at 5 pm. 
  • CFT emailed early registrants event information on September 22, and will email all registrants again after registration closes on September 24.  
  • Email Leticia Castro if you need to register late, or if you do not receive the email with event information and Zoom link.

Between Conventions, the State Council makes decisions for the Federation. All locals may send delegates to State Council. It meets twice yearly. Policy positions discussed and voted on at meetings of the Division Councils may be ratified by the general membership at the State Council.

State Council also sits as the CFT Committee on Political Education, or COPE, and reviews ballot propositions and political candidates and their positions on issues. Through COPE, the CFT participates actively in the campaigns of endorsed candidates.

Each local union has one vote at the State Council, per the CFT Constitution, Article V, Section 3.  The local delegate may or may not be the local president. Guests are also welcome to attend. Please register all of the individuals from your local who will be attending State Council. When you register, you will be asked if you are a local union delegate, local union guest, CFT Executive Council member, a CFT staff member or local staff member. 

Events Schedule

Friday, Sept. 24 3-7 pm Division Councils
    EC/TK-12 Council
    Council of Classified Employees
    Community College Council
    Council of Retired Members
Saturday, Sept. 25 9:00–9:30 am General Session
  9:30 am–12 pm Committees
  12 pm–1 pm Lunch
  1–4 pm State Council

Travel Reimbursement

Note: The following information is for in-person State Council meetings.

To assist local unions in sending one representative to the State Council, the CFT reimburses partial travel expenses based on local membership. The reimbursement is defined in the CFT Constitution & Bylaws as follows:

Number of members

Percent reimbursement

1000 or more

50 percent

600 to 999

75 percent

Fewer than 600

100 percent

To obtain reimbursement for travel expenses to State Council, locals may complete and submit this Expense Reimbursement form.