Division Councils
Zoom Meetings

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It is important to send a representative from your local union to the union’s Division Councils so your local can be part of the decision-making. Division Councils meet regularly to share information and to formulate policy proposals for constituents, and oftentimes the larger CFT. All members are welcome to attend.

The Division Councils will meet via Zoom. Council agendas will be emailed to leaders of constituent local unions. 

Please note:  CFT will announce the results of the mail ballot election held for CFT officers at 9 am. Convention delegates will receive an email announcement about this meeting. Division council meetings start at 10 am, with the exception of the Council of Retired Members, which will meet at 1 pm.

Meeting time Council
9 am Results of CFT officer elections announced to Convention delegates
10 am Community College Council
10 am Council of Classified Employees
10 am EC/TK-12 Council
1 pm Council of Retired Members