When he accepted the Raoul Teilhet Educate, Agitate, Organize Award, Robert Chacanaca, known as “Chaca,” asked for a moment of silence to remember Teilhet, the former CFT president who successfully pursued collective bargaining.   

“I remember the pleasure of hearing Raoul. Wow!” Chacanaca said. “And the amazing pleasure of hearing and working with Cesar Chavez. Seeing the struggles they went through and seeing the attacks on us, I realized how the union just makes sense.”

Chacanaca has joined many unions, even in China. A CFT member since 1998, he serves as CFT vice president, president of the Santa Cruz Council of Classified Employees, and president of the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council, in addition to his campus supervisor job.  

“Get involved in your labor councils,” he said. “We make it happen. We’re here to struggle, and we’re here to win.”