Sharon Hendricks, a speech instructor, member of the Los Angeles College Faculty Guild, Local 1521, and a member of the CalSTRS Board, was elected by her colleagues as vice chair of the 12-member board for the 2014-15 term. The chair and vice chair provide board leadership, direction and policy development for the largest educator-only pension fund in the world.

Janet Eberhardt, a member of United Educators of San Francisco, Local 61, was named Education Support Personnel of the Year for 2014 by the California Teachers Association. Eberhardt works as community relations specialist and elementary advisor where she serves as liaison between families and the school. She is dedicated to reaching out to families to affect positive change and to encourage healthy interpersonal relationships for children both at home and at school.

Ann Fontanella, an English-as-a-Second Language instructor and at City College of San Francisco, Local 2121, received the International TESOL Teacher of the Year award, the highest honor given by the organization of 12,000 educators representing 156 countries. This award recognizes the exceptional work, service and dedication of outstanding instructors. In conjunction with the award, given in Portland, Oregon, Fontanella presented her work in developing and teaching courses that promote leadership skills in students.

Nancy Shiffrin, an English instructor and member of the Los Angeles College Faculty Guild, has published two collections of poems in print. One, The Vast Unknowing collects a wide spectrum of poetry including some relating to the teacher’s experience. Shiffrin earned her master’s studying with Anais Nin and her doctorate studying Jewish American authors. The Vast Unknowing is available for purchase online