The March Primary and November General Elections are extra important this year, as many statewide legislators have termed out and we are electing a new group that may be in office for 12 years.

A super majority of our endorsed legislative candidates made it through to the general election in November, many of whom came first in their race. 

CFT members from across the state participated in interviews to recommend candidates for endorsement, and then worked to get those candidates into the November general election. 

CFT also worked with coalition partners to ensure our legislature is pro-labor and will address the concerns of working people and communities. 

Jessica Caloza, AD 52, came out on top and when elected will be the first Filipina elected to the CA Legislature. 

In SD 23 we have Kipp Mueller in the run-off and an opportunity to flip this seat with someone who supports public education and our CFT values.  Statewide Proposition 1, Behavioral Health Services Program and Bond Measure, passed.  This proposition will bring $6.38 billion in bonds for mental health, substance use challenges, and housing.

Our Congressional candidates also fared well. CFT has the opportunity to flip seats in Congress and take back the House of Representatives.

 A high profile seat CFT is working to win in November is CD 27, George Whitesides.  Whitesides is a former NASA Chief of Staff and is committed to working for the people of California by bringing in jobs, protecting women’s rights, and finding solutions to the wildfire crisis.  It will be vital that our CFT Members support our endorsed candidates and hit the campaign trails this summer and fall.

Measures that CFT locals passed in Berkeley, Petaluma, and Jefferson Elementary District will bring vital resources to their school districts. Glendale Community College Faculty were able to work with community members to re-elect their endorsed candidates to the trustee board, and in collaboration with the Glendale Teachers Association (a CTA Local) elected two public school advocates to the local school board.  UTLA endorsed candidates led the field in 2 school board seats and UTLA will continue working to get their candidates wins in November.  

Our CFT members, leaders, and staff were out in force across the state and will continue to be on the forefront of campaigns through November 5th. 

Please look for campaign opportunities with CFT, your local union, and the Central Labor Councils.

Reach out for more information on how to get involved:

Jessica Ulstad, CFT Political Director: 
Ingrid Gunnell, CFT Political Organizer: