Update: The deadline to return your ADEM ballot has been extended. All ballots received by Wednesday, February 3 will be counted. 

The election for delegates to the California Democratic Party — called Assembly District Election Meetings or ADEMs — is taking place now. The deadline to request a ballot (January 11) has passed, but your vote is important!

We encourage you to vote for your fellow CFT members who are running for an ADEM delegate position. See the list of members who are running below.

AD 17     Susan Solomon

AD 17     Bill Shields

AD18     Kyle Hamilton-Lecky

AD18     VanCedric Williams

AD 19     Cris Garza

AD 29     Kati Bassler

AD 30     Marisela Cerda

AD 30     Carla Gonzalez

AD 30     Steve McDougall

AD 38     Sandy Keaton

AD 38     Jodie Cooper

AD 39     Emilie Hill

AD 44     Tim Allison

AD 44     Erica Lundy

AD 45     Gregg Solkovits

AD 45     Andra Hoffman

AD 45     Yasmine Pomeroy

AD 50     Kyna Collins

AD 50     Elizabeth Clark

AD 51     Victor Frias

AD 51     Joel Laguna

AD 51     Mishna Erana Hernandez

AD 51     Alicia Romero Perez

AD 55     Lyndsey Lefebvre

AD 58     Ayde Bravo

AD 64     Tiffanie Smith

AD 65     Bobbi-Lee Smart

AD 66     Argentina Rodriguez

AD 67     Kelly McDaniel

AD 69     Tanya Golden

AD 70     Stephanie Rosenblatt

AD 70     Vincent Vo

AD 72     Gina Clayton-Tarvin

AD 74     Cory Johnson