“CFT: A Union of Educators and Classified Professionals” branding
March 23, 2019


Whereas, the CFT Convention in 2016 passed Resolution 30 “Promote and support Classified School Employee Week” which stated, “that the CFT create a task force to look into a name change for the California Federation of Teachers”; and

Whereas, several meetings were held with members from the various constituency groups to discuss all of the possibilities of a name change; and

Whereas, because of our name, the CFT is known as a teachers’ union; and

Whereas, as a union we are proud of CFT classified members; and

Whereas, we are equally proud that we represent a broad spectrum of educational workers; and

Whereas, a name tells the public who we are; and

Whereas, CFT classified members have long wanted a name that reflects their membership in the union; and

Whereas, at this convention we are celebrating the 100th year of the CFT;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the CFT be known, henceforth, as the “CFT: A Union of Educators and Classified Professionals”; and

Be it further resolved, that, in addition to this change, there be an internal campaign that reaffirms the value of all our members, particularly our classified members.

  • Passed as Resolution 1 by CFT Convention, March 23, 2019
  • Submitted by the Executive Council