Adopt the CFT Policy and Positions Handbook, our new living policy document
March 25, 2018


Whereas, the CFT represents faculty and classified workers in public and private schools and colleges, from early childhood through higher education; and

Whereas, the CFT mission is to represent member interests and the interests of the communities they serve through collective bargaining, legislative advocacy, political action, and organizing; and

Whereas, having a document that enumerates CFT’s positions and policies helps keep consistent the work the union is charged with in its mission statement; and

Whereas, the CFT adopted a Policies and Positions Handbook in April 1996, and that handbook has not been updated since its adoption; and

Whereas, many pedagogical ideas and technologies have changed significantly since this adoption; and

Whereas, CFT has 13 standing committees that meet regularly for the purpose of reviewing and suggesting CFT policies and positions; and

Whereas, the CFT has three different governing bodies that adopt policies and positions: the Convention, the State Council, and the Executive Council; and

Whereas, local, state, and federal laws are always changing; and

Whereas, the Policy and Positions Handbook should inform members, leaders, staff, and the community at large about CFT positions on issues of import in the world around us, and the CFT Constitution and Bylaws should dictate internal organizational structure and policies;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the California Federation of Teachers adopt the new CFT Policies and Positions Handbook (2018) as its living policy document; and

Be it further resolved, that a local, a CFT standing committee, a division council, or the Executive Council may put forward a change to the handbook; and

Be it further resolved, that this document may be updated by any of the three governing bodies through resolution; and

Be it finally resolved, that CFT leaders, CFT staff, and local leaders shall use this handbook to guide all work undertaken on behalf of the California Federation of Teachers.