Adopt CFT Policy and Positions Handbook, 2019 Version
March 23, 2019


Whereas, the CFT represents members who work in education from early childhood through the University of California system, in public and private schools, both in and out of the classroom; and

Whereas, the mission of the CFT states that we will represent its members’ interests and the interests of the communities they serve through collective bargaining, legislative advocacy, political action, and organizing; and

Whereas, having a document that enumerates CFT’s positions and policies helps formalize and keeps consistent the work we are charged to do within our mission statement; and

Whereas, the CFT adopted a living Policies and Positions Handbook at the 2018 Convention; and

Whereas, CFT has 13 standing committees that meet regularly for the purpose of reviewing and suggesting CFT policies and positions; and

Whereas, the CFT has three different governing bodies that adopt policies and positions: the Convention, the State Council, and the Executive Council; and

Whereas, the Policy and Positions Handbook should be used to inform members, leaders, staff and the general public on our positions on issues on education issues and the world around us, and the Constitution and Bylaws should be used for internal structure and policies; and

Whereas, there have been some policy changes adopted by the State Council and Executive Council since the handbook was adopted, and there are additional changes regarding the process defined in the handbook for updating the handbook;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the CFT adopt the new Policies & Positions Handbook (Version 2019) with the following changes

  • New section IV. Process for Changes to Handbook;
  • Addition of sections: 2.1.8 and 4.7.6;
  • Changes to section 4.7.4;
  • Reaffirming prior adoption of changes to sections 2.11.1, 2.11.2, 2.11.7, and 2.11.8.


  • Passed as Resolution 2 by CFT Convention March 23, 2019
  • Submitted by the Executive Council