CFT urges UC Regents to reject controversial policy that restricts healthcare services for women, LGBTQ+ community
UC regents set to vote Wednesday, June 23 on whether to keep problematic contracts

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SACRAMENTO, CA —  In an open letter sent today, CFT President Jeff Freitas urged the UC Board of Regents and UC President Michael Drake to drop discriminatory practices that unfairly restrict healthcare services to women and the LGBTQ+ community. 

All six UC Health Centers currently have contracts that impose harmful restrictions on care, including contracts with other healthcare facilities that prevent UC personnel and traniness from providing contraception, including emergency contraception for sexual assault victims; abortion, defined to include treating ectopic pregnancy; fertility treatments such as IVF; and sterilization, defined to include gender-affirming care.

“We strongly believe that, as a public entity with an obligation to provide care that is evidence-based, free of discrimination, and not restricted by religious doctrine, UC must draw a firm line,” wrote Jeff Freitas wrote to the UC Regents in the letter. “We urge you to adopt a policy that would empower UC Health providers and immediately prohibit any expansion of policy-based restrictions on UC clinicians and students.”


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CFT Letter to UC Health