CFT Supports Case Contesting Trump Executive Order

News Release

For Immediate Release: March 27, 2017
Robert Fulton, 858-342-4532

Union Joins Amicus Brief Challenging Policies That Could Harm Students

The California Federation of Teachers has joined an expansive group of public schools, districts and other education associations in filing a friend of the court brief in the case of County of Santa Clara v. Donald J. Trump, et al.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction against the enforcement of a recent Executive Order signed by Trump targeting “sanctuary jurisdictions.” The order signed in January grants the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to unilaterally deny federal funds that support critically-needed basic services to any jurisdiction they deem to be a “sanctuary jurisdiction.”

“The Executive Order transforms schools from inclusive, safe spaces to places of fear and uncertainty, ultimately undermining our entire public education system,” the amicus brief states. “[It] is causing sweeping, profound, and irreparable harm to our children and their families, our public education system, and ultimately, the future of our country.”

The Executive Order signed by Trump could withhold billions of dollars in federal and federally contingent funding from jurisdictions and cause irreparable harm to communities.

“President Trump’s unilateral Executive Order harms not just communities, but children,” said CFT President Joshua Pechthalt. “We are concerned for our students and the communities within which we work. The students of California should be focused on their education instead of fearing that they, their parents, or their loved ones may be the victim of an ICE raid. Schools should be safe havens for all students. This Executive Order undermines our ability to teach and for our students to learn.”
The full amicus brief can be read here.


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