California LGBTQ+ Student Know Your Rights Training and GSA Issue Agenda Survey


GSA Network staff and member leaders are offering Know Your Rights Training and GSA Issue Agenda Survey to Middle and High School GSAs and Trans, Queer, and Two-Spirit +(TQ2S+) clubs in California to combat the growing movement to remove LGBTQ+ student rights and protections. GSA Network aims to offer 20 LGBTQ+ Student Know Your Rights Training and have 150 schools represented in the GSA Issue Agenda Survey by June 1, 2024.

Know Your Rights Training will educate students about their CA legal protections and the tools they can use to defend themselves and their peers. They will cover your rights to express your identity, privacy, and more! 

GSA Issue Agenda Survey will surface school climate issues and the most active issues faced by Trans and Queer Two-Spirit (TQ2S+) students. The GSA Issue Agenda Survey will shape GSA Network’s statewide TQ2S+ movement to enable them to plan more targeted resources, coordinate actions, and support local GSA youth-led campaign wins. The survey takes at most 10 minutes to complete, and survey participants can opt into an opportunity drawing for $50 gift cards. The drawing will happen in June. Please share the survey ( widely with your GSAs and youth! Please consider taking advantage of the following offering from GSA Network.  

CFT members are encouraged to invite student leaders to the webinar. 

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Presenter: Christopher Covington
Advocacy and Campaigns Manager
Pronouns: They and/or He
Working from Tongva Land