Communities across the state are preparing for the forthcoming school year. To assist with that planning process, the following guidelines COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Schools and School-Based Programs are intended to help school and community leaders plan and prepare to resume in-person instruction.

Implementation of this guidance should be tailored for each setting, including adequate consideration of instructional programs operating at each school site and the needs of students and families. School leaders should engage relevant stakeholders—including families, staff and labor partners in the school community—to formulate and implement plans that consider the following: 

  • Student, Family and Staff Population: Who are the student, family and staff populations that will be impacted by or can serve as partners in implementing any of the following measures?
  • Ability to Implement or Adhere to Measures: Do staff, students and families have the tools, information, resources and ability to successfully adhere to or implement the new measures?
  • Negative or Unintended Consequences: Are there any negative or unintended consequences to staff, students or families of implementing the measures and how can those consequences be mitigated?