See how losing healthcare has affected three part-time faculty members and how CFT is fighting to secure $200 million in state monies to provide health insurance to part-timers.

More part-time faculty talk about how not having medical coverage puts stress on their work lives and personal lives.

CFT is promoting one of the most robust legislative campaigns ever for part-time faculty, and members are stepping up to support it.

COVID and the resulting drop in student enrollment during the last two semesters have placed heavy burdens on contingent faculty.

Help CFT win affordable healthcare for part-time faculty. The results will strengthen advocacy in the state Legislature and support local unions to negotiate improvements.

CFT members helped AFT score the victory now bringing relief to public service workers. If your claim was denied, you may get a second chance.

The cross-union, cross-sector coalition promotes socio-economic and racial justice, and the promise of higher education.


Quick Takes

Let legislators know the lack of healthcare has gone on too long!

Bringing together part-time faculty to advocate for equity and parity.

AFT needs to hear from you, too! Take a few minutes for their survey.

Contingent faculty from around the world unite to fight for equity.

The union offers $3,000 awards to dependents of CFT members.

Your vote in the Primary Election is important! Find our endorsements.



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Jeffery M. Freitas, President

Luukia Smith, Secretary Treasurer

L. Lacy Barnes, Senior Vice President

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Part-Timer, Spring 2022 | Volume 33, Number 2

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