State Budget Briefs


State Budget Briefs

The CFT Research Department analyzes the state budget and the impact it will have on education, from early childhood to university. CFT is an active participant in the state budget process because public school and community college districts receive two-thirds of their funding from the state, and decisions made by state legislators set the stage for those made by district governing boards.

The Research Briefs span the timeline of budget process, from the governor’s January proposals to the adopted and signed budget. 


2020-21 Budget Year

Governor's Proposed State Budget – Research Brief January 10, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom introduced his proposed $222 billion budget for 2020-21 on January 10. Although the governor continues to be fiscally conservative as he prepares for an economic slowdown by depositing $2 billion into the state rainy day fund, the budget allocates additional money for education, including funding his budget priorities of early education, special education, educator recruitment, as well as student health and wellness.