Start a Chapter


Start a Chapter
Organize a Retiree Chapter in your local union!

With the formation of the CFT Council of Retired Members, retirees have a greater voice than ever in our state federation. What’s more, at least 17 AFT local unions in California have retiree chapters, from those established decades ago to several newly chartered ones.

Forming a retiree chapter is a great way to keep retirees in the union fold, and the Council of Retired Members can help. The benefits of having a retiree chapter are many fold, to both retirees and their local unions.

Download our organizing flyer Retiree Power: Top 10 reasons to belong to an AFT Retiree Chapter 

Benefits of belonging to a Retiree Chapter of the AFT

  • Continued connection to your former local union and social activities with former colleagues
  • Continued access to the union’s membership benefits (AFT+) program
  • Regular communications from the state and national unions
  • Representation at CFT and AFT Conventions
  • Political action to protect our pensions and retiree healthcare benefits
  • Structured support for the organizing and contract campaigns of our active local unions
  • Membership in the California Alliance for Retired Americans
  • Links to community service and other unions in your area

Benefits of forming a Retiree Chapter to the local union

  • Keeping talented and experienced members active in local union activities
  • More bodies to do the work: Organizing, contract campaigns, support in board elections, phone banks, mailings
  • Retirees will help make your political program more robust
  • Retirees know the history of your union and will help maintain union solidarity
  • Retirees have a wealth of pedagogical knowledge and can help younger members with professional issues
  • Retirees can help maintain the union’s relationships with community organizations

Start the conversation now!

Local unions in Northern California may contact Northern Vice President Ann Killebrew for organizing assistance, and locals in the south may contact Southern Vice President Dennis Cox.