Legislative Report
September 10, 2021


CFT Legislative Report

As bills develop staff recommend a position, in accordance with guidelines established by the CFT Convention, to the Legislative Committee, a standing committee of the Executive Council. The positions found in the report are defined below. 


CFT agrees with the policy provisions, and will work to support the bill in the legislative process.


CFT does not support the bill, and will work to defeat the bill in the legislative process.


May mean that the bill has both good and bad points, or that CFT prefers to wait for future amendments or a later time to take a position.

Oppose Unless Amended (OUA)

 CFT does not support the bill, but would remove opposition if key amendments are made. If these amendments are made, CFT’s position will then be modified to a “support” or “watch” position.

Support If Amended (SIA)

 CFT will support a bill if specific amendments are made to the bill’s provisions.