Labor History Month exhibits


One use of these inaugural 2013 “Labor History Month” events occurred in the Los Angeles Community College District, where Shigueru Tsuha and Kenadi Le worked with the Vincent Price Art Gallery to combine student videos on labor history with the “One Hundred Years” exhibit. More photos. Kenadi Le photo

Labor history displays

Eight different labor history displays are available for use during Labor History Month (May) or other times. Here are brief descriptions and contact info. All may be combined with video screenings.

  1. Golden Lands, Working Hands
    10’x8’ convention popup, with twenty five 10×12 inch laminated images with text of California labor history from mid 19th century through today, velcro backing. Comes in two mailing bins on wheels. One copy. Available with video series. 
    Contact: CFT, Fred Glass, 510-523-5238
  2. Our Work Life
    Northern California historical work/labor struggle stories by Bay Area artists and union members Kate Connell and Oscar Melara in twenty four laminated panels (11 x 27”) originally made for over bus window advertising slots. Three copies. 
    Contact: Fred Glass, 510-523-5238
  3. California Labor History
    California State Library, (from the Labor History Map project),
    12 panels of museum-quality image/text displays of California labor history, pre-conquest to the UFW. Two copies. 
    Contact: Rosemarie Boothe-Bey, California Labor Federation, 916-444-3676
    Contact: Kathleen Correia, State Library, 916-653-0771
  4. One Hundred Years
    California Labor Federation, three dozen images of CA labor history from founding of state federation to present, various sizes (two dozen 11×14, one dozen larger) on foam core with text. One copy. 
    Contact: Rosemarie Boothe-Bey, 916-444-3676
  5. Miguel Contreras display
    UCLA Labor Center, two triptychs, in five thematic areas: UFW, labor revitalization, political mobilization, immigrant rights, Miguel Contreras’s legacy. One copy. 
    Contact: Kent Wong, 310-794-5983
  6. 1934 San Francisco General Strike exhibit
    ILWU: seven feet high, fifty feet long; and smaller poster sized pieces. Minimum space needed: 60 feet by 9 feet. 
    Contact: Robin Walker, 415-775-0533
  7. 1948 Bay Area Warehouse strike exhibit
    ILWU, in two sizes: eight feet high, by combined twenty feet long; and smaller poster sized pieces. 
    Contact: Robin Walker, 415-775-0533
  8. We Called It A Work Holiday
    UC Berkeley Labor Center, 1946 Oakland General Strike exhibit, several dozen images, mounted, including several large mural photos, various ephemeral items, posters, video. One copy. 
    Contact: Terry Huwe, 510-642-1705
  9. Labor Hero poster set
    30 17×22 labor heroes (protrait and text biography), the same as the labor hero cards but blown up and placed on the same side horizontally (the cards are portrait on front and bio on back) mounted on foamboard.  Text by Bill Morgan, artwork by Jos Sances.  Three sets available from CFT. 
    Contact: Fred Glass, 510-579-3343