Join UTLA and CFT in supporting Jackie Goldberg for LAUSD School Board District 5!


Jackie is the only choice for our students, our schools, and our communities because she:

  • Supports neighborhood schools as safe and welcoming spaces for ALL students. 
  • Opposes any plans that would allow corporate interested and billionaires to profit off of LA’s public schools. 
  • Believes that LA schools deserve more funding and more support for teachers and school employees to be successful and support kids. 
  • Shares our demand for smaller class sizes to help all students learn. 
  • Has a proven record as a teacher, public advocate, a former school board member, a former city councilwoman, and a former legislator, where she’s demonstrated her commitment time and time again to our shared values.

 We can count on Jackie Goldberg to be a strong voice in defending our public schools against attacks by the likes of Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos.
Vote for Jackie Goldberg, LAUSD School Board District 5, on May14, 2019!
Go HERE to find your polling place.

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