Job Posting
Training Director


Employment starts: June 15, 2021

Location: CFT Office (Berkeley, Sacramento, Burbank)

Salary range: $85,764 – $119,844 (Steps 1–5 on a 10-step schedule, depending on qualifications and experience), plus full employee fringe benefit package: health, dental and vision plans and retirement program.

Deadline to apply: May 14, 2021

The CFT is a dynamic statewide federation of local unions representing school employees, certificated and classified, at every level of public and private education — preschool and Head Start, K-12 public and private schools, community colleges, private higher education, the University of California as well as other public sector workers.

Job Summary

It is the Training Director’s responsibility to guide the CFT to develop capabilities and expertise at the local level in the areas of:

  • member representation (grievance handling);
  • contract negotiations;
  • local officer training;
  • leadership development;
  • member involvement/mobilization;
  • community outreach/coalition building;
  • organizing unrepresented workers; and
  • organizing campaigns within locals.

Under the direction of the CFT President or their designee, the Training Department Director develops and implements education and training programs that:

  • enhance the leadership and representational skills of CFT local union officers, leaders and activists;
  • increase member participation in their local unions;
  • increase member participation in programs designed to build power to win at the bargaining table, in our communities, in Sacramento and Washington D.C.; and
  • enhance the representational and internal organizing skills of CFT and local union staff.

Recommended Qualifications and Experience

  1.  Experience developing and implementing labor education and training programs in the public and private sectors
  2. Experience developing and implementing training programs that build skills in workplace organizing, new worker organizing, effective communication, enforcing contracts, and running effective meetings
  3. Experience developing and implementing successful train-the-trainer programs
  4. Expertise identifying and reviewing education and training resources and materials for member and staff development from outside sources
  5. Experience writing and securing grants to support education and training programs and goals, preferred
  6. Current California driver’s license

Duties and Responsibilities

  1.  Identifying statewide, local, and individual training needs
  2. Organizing and advertising training programs
  3. Developing and updating training sessions and materials
  4. Reviewing and evaluating training programs and materials from outside sources
  5. Evaluating the need for training ladders and certification in identified areas, e.g., grievances, arbitration, negotiations, and budget analysis
  6. Developing and implementing a train-the-trainer program to deliver CFT training programs
  7. Preparing reports for the CFT Executive Council on the CFT’s training programs
  8. Identifying a cadre of staff, leaders, members and outside sources to deliver CFT’s training program

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of multiple training methodologies
  2. Knowledge of adult learning theory and application
  3. Knowledge of training assessment and development techniques
  4. Knowledge of survey and focus group techniques
  5. Knowledge of training resources including the American Society for Training and Development and labor studies programs
  6. Knowledge of the national and state labor movements, the AFT, and the CFT
  7. Knowledge of California Education Code
  8. Knowledge of public and private sector labor laws
  9. Knowledge of public and private sector training providers
  10. Ability to design curriculum and training materials
  11. Ability to research training-related questions
  12. Ability to train and coach potential trainers
  13. Ability to work rapidly and accurately in a high-pressure environment
  14. Ability to strategize, organize, set priorities, and meet deadlines
  15. Ability to make decisions, take charge, direct, develop, and coordinate activities
  16. Ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision
  17. Ability to make public presentations to audiences in a variety of venues

Membership in the Field Representatives Union is required.

Submit letter of application, resume, references and at least three written samples to:

Leticia Castro, Director of Administrative Services
CFT – A Union of Educators and Classified Professionals
1107 9th Street, Suite 460
Sacramento, CA 95814

Applications and accompanying information may also be sent electronically to Human Resources

If you have questions, please call Sarah Callahan, Executive Director at 415-686-4331.

The CFT is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer.