Delegate and Alternate Lists


Local union leaders may submit their delegate and alternate lists for Virtual Convention on this webform. List submission requires the information below, so please plan accordingly. We recommend completing this form on a computer.

  1. You must download, sign and upload the Delegate and Alternate Verification. The verification must be signed by the local president and the local secretary. Have the completed and scanned form at hand when you are ready to enter the local’s delegates and alternates on the webform.

    • Download the Delegate and Alternate Verification form
  2. ​​​​You will be asked to enter the ranking delegate, then the names of all delegates and alternates. You must enter a non-work email address and cell phone number for each delegate and alternate. Please note: The accuracy of email addresses is essential as the email address will allow delegates to access the Virtual Convention.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email, but please note the confirmation will come from If you have any questions, please contact