2019 Resolutions
From Schools and Communities First to the Green New Deal



Links to resolutions passed by the CFT during 2019 can be found here. The resolutions are grouped by category.

CFT Organizational

Adopt CFT Policy and Positions Handbook, Version 2019

CFT: A Union of Educators and Classified Professionals” branding

Expand retiree participation in Council of Retired Members

Education Finance

Call for California to tax all income subject to the federal carried interest tax break

Craft model resolution for Schools and Communities First initiative

Support creation of national speculation reduction tax for U.S. financial markets

Support free public transportation for students, early childhood through college

Support statewide movement for public education funding, charter school reform, and class size reduction

Health Care, Retirement and Benefits

Close the UC wage theft loophole

School safety: Include lockdown kits in classrooms

Support affordable housing for educators and classified professionals

Professional Issues: Higher Education

Amend HEERA to permit contract faculty inclusion in the UC Academic Senate

Support compensation for part-time educators during lockdown

Support part-time faculty participation in shared governance

Vote of no confidence of the community college chancellor

Professional Issues: PreK-12

Limit student assessments not mandated by the state

Oppose portfolio schools and privatization

Require Economic and Environmental Impact Reports before charter schools are approved

Restore school site budget authority to site councils


In support of a Green New Deal

Oppose attack on transgender and intersex people

Oppose Trump administration’s “Zero Tolerance” immigration policy that separates families at U.S.-Mexico border

Oppose Trump’s transgender military ban

Support migrant refugee caravans and end “Remain in Mexico” asylum policy

Support statewide movement for student equity: End stigma of lifelong labels by using People First Language


Per Capitas and Staff Funding