2012-13 Budget Year


Education BudgetSeptember 15, 2012
The state budget hinges on Proposition 30. Passage does not provide new money for most of the education sector in the current budget year, but failure of Prop. 30 to pass sets devastating trigger cuts in motion that would take place mid-year. Education is protected if Proposition 30 passes.

Education Budget, May Revision, May Revision May 15, 2012
Education funding remains about the same as Gov. Brown proposed in January, despite the deficit ballooning from $9.2 billion to $15.7 billion. Brown withdrew his first tax initiative proposal in favor of the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection initiative, following talks with CFT and other supporters of the Millionaires Tax. Passage of the compromise measure is a critical component of the May Revision.

Governor’s Proposed Education Budget January 10, 2012
Gov. Brown says cuts in prior years have made a significant dent in California’s structural deficit, but with 2011-12 revenue less than anticipated, federal obstacles, legal impediments to some prior budget solutions, and a continuing shortfall in 2012-13, California is still facing a deficit of $9.2 billion over the next two years.