Lobbying Resources


How You Can Become a Successful Lobbyist

The California Legislature may seem daunting, but armed with a simple understanding of the legislative process, you can become an effective lobbyist almost overnight. The resources below will provide the basic information you need to succeed in personal visits and letter writing.

CFT’s Quick Guide Rosters provide the phone and fax numbers (both in-district offices and Capitol offices) and email addresses for your California legislators. Get the information — fast — from these quick guides prepared by the CFT Legislative Department.

How to Lobby in Person
Tips for successful personal visits with your elected officials. Prepared by the CFT Legislative Department.

Letter Writing Tips
How to write effective (and proper) letters to your legislators. Prepared by the CFT Legislative Department.

The definitive guide to legislative terminology! In this Glossary of Legislative Terminology, learn how legislative bills get named, how to decode bill prefixes, and how the committees of the Legislature work.  Access it on your device at any time. Prepared by the California State Legislature. 


Make your voice heard with elected representatives

Contact your California Legislators

California Legislative Information The go-to site for finding the language of a bill, amendments, and where bill is in the legislative process. The site also contains the California Codes, including the Education Code.

California Senate An overview of the state Senate with daily updates and hearing schedules.

California Assembly An overview of the state Senate with daily updates and hearing schedules. 

Legislative Analyst’s Office Find reports from the Legislative Analyst’s Office that provides fiscal and policy advice to the Legislature.

Contact the Governor

Governor Gavin Newsom Home page of Gov. Newsom, including news and media releases.

Email the governor Email the governor directly from this contact page.

Contact your U.S. Congressional Representatives

U.S. House of Representatives Find your representative by entering your zip code in the upper right corner of the home page.

U.S. Senate Overview of the Senate with news, live stream of the U.S. Capitol and a virtual reference desk. Find direct links to California senators below.

California Sen. Kamala Harris News from and contact info for Sen. Harris.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein News from and contact info for Sen. Feinstein.

Contact the U.S. President

The White House Learn how to phone, email or submit online comments to the White House under Contact.